44 jobs as a freelancer or entrepreneur in Malta

Freelancer jobs can be found in almost all sectors. Freelancers are considered flexible and highly qualified. As an entrepreneur, you can offer your business worldwide with high-speed internet service in Malta. For companies, freelancers and digital nomads, the hurdles to registering a business in Malta are low. In addition to personal suitability, your professional expertise is crucial for success. Once you have a business license, you can operate your online business from any location.

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No idea for a self-employed job in Malta?

For expats, self-employment or starting a business in Malta is a great way to work flexibly and enjoy the beautiful weather and sea at all times. Are you looking for an idea for a self-employed job in Malta? We have found 44 jobs that can be done quickly. Learn something new, and get out of your comfort zone. Due to the high-speed internet, digital jobs are particularly suitable. The legal regulations in Malta are low, but your reputation is also a valuable asset in Malta.

Fast Internet Malta

What is a freelancer, and where does the term come from?

The term is associated with a fight for survival. In Sir Walter Scott’s novel about the knight Ivanhoe, the author uses “freelances” for a free fighter, more commonly known today as a mercenary. They went into battle with their lances for wealthy warlords in return for a fee (pay). These battle-hardened “freelancers” were independent and free, and had to offer or advertise their services. The knights had already mastered marketing.

Top 44 freelance and start-up ideas for Malta

Advertising agency

Setting up, managing, maintaining and optimizing advertising campaigns for Google, Facebook, or Amazon is a challenge for many companies in the online business. If you have a flair for successful ads advertising, creative thinking with strategic planning is part of your tasks, nothing stands in the way of your advertising agency.

Affiliate marketing

As an affiliate marketer, you promote the products or services of companies. You receive a commission via affiliate links for referring customers via your blog, website, e-books, or social media channels. In addition to individual approaches to companies, there are affiliate marketplaces with thousands of product ideas in some cases.

This software makes your affiliate a breeze

For a few weeks now, this software has been paying you thousands of euros with just 3 clicks 🥳 Instead of laboriously creating a website or landing page for each product, thanks to the marketplace you have virtually endless options to collect commissions every day. In addition to websites or products, it also takes care of marketing. Creating or writing books is also possible with this 3-click affiliate software.

Amazon Dropshipping

With dropshipping, you sell goods online that you do not store or ship yourself. Once an order has been placed, the manufacturer or wholesaler packs and ships the goods to your customer. Knowledge of customs, taxes, laws, packaging design, returns and complaints is helpful. The products can also be marketed via social media or Amazon.

Amazon FBA

With Amazon Fulfillment by Amazon, you sell products from third-party retailers and make use of Amazon’s infrastructure. Amazon handles the picking, packing, shipping, storage, customer support and returns management. The fee of around 15 per cent depends on the product category. Easy handling, the huge number of Amazon visitors and the reliable shipping of products simplify the development of an online store. A five-digit capital requirement is recommended by Amazon FBA professionals.

Amazon MBA — with T-shirts to your own online business

You upload your designs to Amazon Merch by Amazon. As with the print-on-demand book sales process, your T-shirts, bags or sweatshirts are produced by Amazon after purchase. You can outsource the creation of designs to freelancers or virtual assistants.

App development

As an app developer, you specialize in the development of mobile applications for various platforms such as iOS and Android.Brainstorming, conception and planning, development and integration of the necessary APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) and libraries.After testing, debugging and publishing, you will then begin the rocky road to marketing and monetization.

Consultant for blockchain

Malta is considered a European stronghold for blockchain. Improper data entry and errors can lead to fraud. A blockchain consultant eliminates this uncertainty and uses company data to develop a secure and automated system.

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Book author for publishers such as Amazon, BoD or Tolino

Publishing a book may seem complicated at first. This has become much easier with BoD and thanks to Amazon. You hardly need any start-up capital. With the print-on-demand program, where books are printed after purchase, you can publish novels, non-fiction, specialist books, puzzles or children’s books directly from Malta. Identify market niches, write your book yourself or find a ghostwriter. This way you can publish professionally at a high level. In addition to Amazon, there are more than a dozen publishers such as BoD, ePupli or Tredition.

Consultant for cyber and cloud security

As a cybersecurity consultant, you are responsible for monitoring systems at companies. This puts you in close contact with your clients to identify potential vulnerabilities in security measures, recommend measures to improve security and raise awareness of threats. Another source of income is offering training courses. A perfect digital knowledge worker.


You monetize your blog via your own products, services, affiliate marketing, pay-per-click advertising or direct marketing. Many readers can lead to high advertising revenue.

Call centre agents, customer care agents

Instead of being a listless interlocutor, you offer friendly service and competent advice. In addition to the flexible work location and free time management, you have a real work-life balance. In addition to a flawless native language, call centres often expect a good command of English, a reliable cable Internet connection and a large screen of 21 inches (53.34 cm).

Cannabis Social Club

The government of Malta has allowed the establishment of cannabis social clubs since November 2021. A simple business registration is not sufficient.

Coach and coaching

Whether you are a business consultant or health coach, do you have special skills, talent, or expertise? Online coaching is a lucrative and scalable business. Changing conditions require strong digital-expertise when physical contact with customers and business partners is impossible. Online coaching combines your
services profitably digitally and communicates your expertise digitally to your target group. Daily rates in the four-digit range can be achieved with high-quality coaching.

Content Writer

The content writer writes content for the online sector such as blogs, videos, and product or sales pages. The content writer is rarely an expert on the topic. Journalistic talent and editorial writing and storytelling skills include research, outline planning and a basic understanding of SEO and HTML. You will find clients worldwide, but the gaming industry in Malta is in constant need of freelance content writers. By writing content, they help improve search engine rankings to attract and retain customers. Juggle with letters and words like a balancing artist in the circus. If you can think, you can write.


Copywriting is the creation of convincing advertising texts. In addition to the right choice of words and tone, these are packed with emotion and turn your client’s target group into customers. You mainly deal with short texts, such as advertising slogans, headlines, or press advertisements. The active language is dynamic and energetic and arouses the reader’s interest.

Digital nomad

Digital nomad is not a job profile, but the description of a location-independent activity. Malta has launched a grant for digital nomads in 2022.

Bottle handler

The bottle handler is an almost unknown but relatively old profession. Some even become famous around the world, like Bottle Claus, whose real name is Claus-Henning Schulke. At the Berlin Marathon, Bottle Claus handed the bottles to Eliud Kipchoge when he broke the world record. There are a number of running and cycling events on the small archipelago of Malta. Be the first Bottle Claus to hand the bottles to the winner.

Gastronomy: waiters, kitchen staff and delivery

With 2 to 2.5 million holidaymakers, Malta has not been able to keep up with the jobs for many years. Between May and November, thousands of these jobs are offered, some of which are also available on a self-employed basis.

Ghostwriting for books

Various models are conceivable for ghostwriters. Profit sharing per book copy sold, hourly or word-based fees and fixed prices. Everything has its advantages and disadvantages. If the books sell poorly, there is hardly any profit sharing. When paying per word or hour and a bestseller, 20 to 50 % profit sharing would have been a very fair deal. With successful ghostwriting, you are currently (still) superior to artificial intelligence and can build up a stable income online.

Graphic designer

Graphic designers are creative and have a sense of aesthetics. They are professionals in the use of Gimp, Photoshop, InDesign, and AI such as Midjourney.

HR Consultant

An HR consultant is not looking for managers or personnel. They deal with personnel as a production factor, personnel management functions and processes such as personnel planning, deployment, management, or development. The HR consultant is booked as a human resource management consultant and ensures the successful implementation of corporate goals.


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Influencers and YouTube

As a YouTuber or influencer, you advertise merchandising products in your YouTube videos. In addition to the affiliate marketing commission for advertised products, you generate income via the YouTube partner programme. Reach is everything and means a lot of work, creativity and investment of time and love.

Managing influencers as an influencer agency

What used to be the model agency is now the influencer manager. As a management agency for influencers, you connect companies with influencers. Other services include developing, conceptualising and planning various strategies for your influencers. This includes self-marketing, defining target groups, storytelling and the storyline. Other tasks include negotiation, contract drafting and detailed briefing between the parties.

Purchase of an existing e-commerce business

Immediate entry with immediate sales and possibly an established customer base is achieved with the purchase of an online shop or Amazon Business. The website is already indexed in the search engines and has rankings. In addition to buying a pig in a poke, the risks include contractual obligations, taking over the inventory, high entry costs and cross-border legal hurdles. In addition to your personal contacts, online sales exchanges are your point of contact.

AI consultant for AI design or user experience enhancement

As an AI Consultant for AI Design or User Experience Enhancement, you will be responsible for designing and integrating artificial intelligence (AI) in companies. Through machine learning and autonomous systems, dangerous tasks as well as routine activities are transferred to AI. Are you familiar with programming languages, frameworks and AI tools? Then, as an AI consultant, you will identify the most suitable technologies for your clients, such as AI software for text creation and translation or prepare the automation of business processes.

Artificial intelligence has been firmly rooted in industry and digital business for over a decade. ChatGPT from OpenAI has been massively changing business life in an unimaginable way since 2022 and is putting small and medium-sized companies in particular under pressure. AI consultants who seamlessly integrate the solutions into existing business processes and offer measurable added value for the company can command four-figure daily rates.


Online training, courses and lessons

Offer your knowledge and expertise via online courses. You can outsource global marketing via distribution platform providers such as Udemy. Your goal: to make high-quality educational content available online and give learners the opportunity to learn new skills, expand their knowledge or develop their careers.

Online retailer with its own warehouse

You can buy large quantities of a product cheaply from bankruptcy auctions and from Asia. Retail sales in Europe lead to high profits. Due to Malta’s island location, it is advisable to have a warehouse on the mainland or use the Amazon dropshipping model.

Online sale of handmade products

The Etsy platform is an e-commerce website for handmade products such as jewellery, furniture or personalised gifts. A low listing fee reduces the cost risk and makes it easier to get started.


You can advertise products in expert podcasts that are worth listening to and have a wide reach. Podcasters have a high level of trust in the media environment and build up an extreme bond with their listeners. Your podcast ensures visibility within the target group as a coach or in sales. In addition, advertising announcements during a lecture or interview and show notes with an (affiliate) link can be used to generate income. A podcast is a content, development, marketing and sales tool.

Product tester and reviewer on Amazon, participation in paid surveys

Positive reviews are particularly beneficial for new products coming onto the market. Sellers can make their products from the online shop available for a test free of charge. They then write a review on Amazon or their online shop and help potential customers with their purchase decision. As money for reviews is often not compliant with the terms and conditions, the income consists of the products. Alternatively, you can take part in paid studies and surveys. Many opinion research and market research institutes rely on four-figure participants and remunerate participation in surveys and studies.

Poker players
PR and public relations online, PR agency

A job for marketing and communications professionals. Clients are companies or organisations that require PR work via the Internet and e-mail marketing.

SEO consulting

The demand for Search Engine Optimisation is high. Not every online shop can afford an SEO department. As an experienced SEO, you offer search engine optimisation, backlink building and SEO strategies. The business models are individual: time-limited or long-term contract, SEO analyses, SEO visibility, workshops or technical SEO implementation.

Social media, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube & Co

You can at least earn a side income with a large reach on social media. Publish sponsored posts, engage in affiliate marketing or advertise your own goods, digital products and services via Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn. Cooperations and profit sharing are also possible.

Social Media Manager

As a social media manager, you are responsible for the social media communication of companies. You create and publish content and interact with the community. You measure your successful work using analysis tools and adapt your skills to the latest trends.

Language teaching

Malta is popular with language students as an affordable, English-speaking country. The international language schools offer teaching jobs to talented foreigners. Language teachers are certified in Malta.

Tourism, travel and hiking guide

Malta is a destination steeped in history and expert guides are often booked by visitors for city tours. The former capital Mdina and Valletta are particularly popular. City guides are tested and receive certification from the tourism authority. It is possible to organise walking groups for Gozo, Comino and Malta without certification.

Traders, share trading and cryptos

Due to favourable tax conditions Professional training is a prerequisite for success. Many offers on the internet to always earn with CFD’s and cryptos as a starter means quite reliably, financial ruin. You could also say, why are there so many tipsters on the internet offering low-cost tips when you could earn thousands of euros in CFD trading in the same amount of time?

Risk warning: Trading forex and CFDs involves a huge amount of risk and may not be suitable for you. There is a possibility that you may suffer losses equal to your entire investment. Therefore, you should not invest money that you cannot afford to lose in a worst-case scenario. You should ensure that you understand all these risks. Before using the services of XY Brokers, please ensure that you are familiar with the risks involved in trading.


Solve exams and sell as a tutor. Many training platforms need the help of alumni to share their information and training in apps or online platforms. There is a profit share for this.

Hiring out sports equipment such as stand-up paddleboards or kayaks

You need a special licence to rent out sports equipment. The rental can be organised via a transporter so that you can arrive quickly and flexibly with your equipment. The investment is manageable, the earnings are reasonable at 10-25 euros per hour.

Videographer and photographer

Online shops in particular rely on high-quality photos and videos to market their products. The services of a product photographer are needed despite AI. Shop operators integrate the photos and video material on the website or the Amazon product listing. Professional product presentations convince potential buyers.

Virtual assistant


A virtual assistant is the modern form of a secretariat or management assistant. The independence in terms of time and location allows you to organise your time perfectly. As a virtual assistant, you provide various services such as answering emails and phone calls, social media activities, research or making appointments. The platform Fernarbeit.de identified 147 jobs for virtual assistants. Busy online entrepreneurs and solo freelancers like to outsource tasks to virtual assistants.

Web designer

As a web designer, you are involved in the graphic design and user guidance of websites and interfaces for various web applications. Web designers are often trained as media designers.

Yoga teacher

Malta is suitable for self-employed yoga teachers, as courses can take place all year round on the beach or sea on a stand-up paddle. In addition to the course fees, income is generated from the sale of yoga materials and running workshops or retreats.

What is a freelancer and where does the term come from?

The term freelancing was associated with a struggle for survival. Sir Walter Scott already used the term free lances for free fighters in his book of the knight Ivanhoe. They went into battle with their lances for wealthy lords in return for payment. They were also called mercenaries because of the pay they received.

Even these first battle-hardened freelancers were free to decide for themselves who they served and for how long. They had a fluctuating income and had to advertise themselves and their services in order to win over contractors. Army commanders needed mercenaries if the client’s own army was insufficient. Those who could afford the best or most free lances usually won the battles.

Pros & cons of freelance activities


You organise your projects and assignments flexibly and adapt them to your life-work balance.

Every project and client is different. This can be interesting for freelancers and promotes professional development.

You decide the hourly rates or fixed prices at which orders are accepted.

Those who dislike working for their boss appreciate the independence of freelancing.

Simply being a copy cat is not a promising business model.Service providers on freelancer platforms are constantly competing with rivals for the most favourable offers. Quality does not always prevail. In addition, the sometimes steep platform fees reduce income.

As a freelancer, you are responsible for your business. This includes constantly motivating yourself to acquire customers or do the bookkeeping.

The social systems in Malta are less attractive than in Germany. The healthcare system is adequate, inexpensive and you can supplement it with private supplementary insurance. You take care of your own disability, pension and holiday pay cover.

If your clients demand improvements, this can lead to a high workload in addition to the orders already accepted. This is because freelancers often only receive their fee on completion of the project.

Freelancer jobs on the best job portals

Twago — one of the largest pan-European marketplaces for freelancers. The platform is financed by freelancer credits and other functions. Belongs to the personnel service provider Randstad.

Gulp — Portal for IT specialists

4Scotty — The Berlin job portal for web workers offers a platform for software developers, CTOs, UX experts, data scientists, tech consultants and sales specialists in the IT sector.

Freelancermap — jobs and projects for DevOps, designers, or editors for image films. Freelancers with a profile receive automatic project proposals by email.

Yeeply — Closed network for certified experts.

Uplink — Professional network for senior developers and freelancers with years of experience as freelancers.

Freelance-market.de — Without registration and commission possible.

Expertlead — Specialist portal for qualified freelancers and well-known digital companies for blockchain, development, design and online marketing. Not suitable for everyone, as freelancers apply to be listed on Expertlead.

Simplyhired — A popular portal for digital nomads thanks to its wide reach. As a service, Simplyhired offers a blog worth reading with comprehensive tips and tricks on the subject of freelancing.

Upwork — Upwork is the largest job platform for freelancers with the option of creating a detailed profile. Both sides can view previous jobs and customer ratings before working together.

Freelancer.com — Freelancer is also a big player as a marketplace for small business. Freelancers place bids.

We Work Remotely — For freelancers, the offer is free for jobs in the tech and startup industry. They are looking for specialists in design, support and marketing.

World of Malta Insider tip: The journey is just as important as the destination

Changing your career, breaking out of the colloquial hamster wheel, is often an ongoing process. However, you need to be prepared to take risks.

Don’t believe all the many success stories on social media channels. Not every successful entrepreneur has got everything right from the start. A prominent or recent example is Elon Musk.

  • He sold his shares in PayPal too early and gave away billions.
  • He left ChatGPT in disagreement and did not participate in the foreseeable billions in sales.
  • Entered the automotive industry with Tesla without a chance and rolled up the field from behind. Since 2021, Tesla has been worth more than the world’s largest car manufacturers VW, Toyota and General Motors.
  • Entering the space industry without a chance. Space and rocket flights unimaginable without Elon Musk.
  • He bought Twitter and halved its double-digit billion value within a few months.
  • Despite all the setbacks, Elon Musk has been one of the three richest people in the world for years.

You recognise that: Success is (also) about getting up once, more than falling down.

Breaking free from the rut or the routine often takes time for plan A and plan B. Entrepreneurs often have realistic goals and enjoy small changes and successes for their mindset.

Celebrate the launch of your business and stay in a good mood.

Are you missing a question? Or do you have something interesting to tell us about freelancing and entrepreneurship?

Feel free to contact us. We are sure we have the right answer.

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