About Malta

Elections in Malta

These Are Your Rights to Participate in Elections in Malta General elections, local council elections, and European Union elections are held in Malta. Participation in

Easter & Holy-week

Holy Week and Easter in Malta – What’s going on? Holy Week and the upcoming Easter celebrations are among the most magnificent highlights of Malta.

International Women’s Day

Take some time on International Women’s Day to brush up on your knowledge of women’s history. And be inspired by our ideas for this day of celebration and remembrance.

International Peace Forum Ukraine war

Malta Hosts the III Ukraine Peace Forum The third international Ukraine meeting for a potential future peace summit to end the Russian aggression commenced in

Cannabis Hemp

Malta’s Cannabis Social Club – Pioneer for Europe 1976 sang Peter Tosh – Legalize It. Since 2022, Malta has been the first EU country to


Malta is the LGPTIQ+ the friendliest country in the world – EuroPride 2023 Spartacus Gay Travel Index selected Malta as the most LGBTQ-friendly country in

Cart Ruts

Amazing Cart Ruts ⭐ Who build the mysterious tramway in Malta? In Malta and Gozo, you can find many paired furrows. They were carved into

Feast of Maria Bambina (Mellieha)

Celebrate the feast of Maria Bambina for 9 days in Mellieha The Mellieha Village Festa celebrations begin at the end of August. The statue of