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Malta. An island full of history, sunshine and unforgettable moments!

Life in Malta

Immerse yourself in the Maltese way of life! Learn all about daily life on the island, discover the vibrant culture and be inspired by the warm hospitality of the locals.


Are you dreaming of a life under the Maltese sun? Discover valuable tips and experiences to help you realise your dream of emigrating to Malta.


Find your dream job in Malta! Discover more about the career opportunities on the island and get practical advice on how to start your career in this Mediterranean paradise.


Plan your perfect holiday in Malta! Discover breathtaking beaches, historical sights and culinary highlights that will make your holiday in Malta unforgettable.


Experience Malta to the full! Discover exciting leisure activities, adventures and things to do that will make your stay on the island an unforgettable experience.

Discover Malta

Go on a journey of discovery through the treasures of Malta! Explore hidden gems, historical places and unique perspectives to experience Malta in all its diversity.


Make a positive difference in Malta! Discover opportunities for social engagement and find out how you can actively participate in charitable projects to do something good for the local community.

Upcoming Events 2024

Discover the cultural richness of Malta and the diverse activities that offer entertainment at every turn all year round.

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