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Marriage for immigrants

Dream Wedding for Immigrants & Foreigners in Malta – Few Requirements, Quickly Possible. Marriage and marriages in Malta are regulated by the Marriage Act of

Health system and hospital

Health care system Malta – Impressively cheap and still leading the world? The Maltese health system or national insurance interlocks few institutions and players. They

Digital Nomad

Digital nomads and workation – blockchain & gigabit internet – Europe’s perfect hotspot Whether you combine your work with your vacation, i.e. Work and Vacation,

digital nomad working

Nomad Residence Permit

Nomad Residency Permit – Working Tax-Free in Malta for Non-EU nationals [2023] Malta, the hotspot for digital nomads in Europe and the European Union, introduced

Korb mit Lebensmitteln

Food Prices – Cost of Living

Food: Malta’s prices for basic foodstuffs are as cheap as European Mainland A statistical basket of goods with weighting and average consumer habits is of

Sign on the Identity Malta building

ID Card Application

A Maltese ID card application is important and opens many doors for you After moving to Malta, you will need a Maltese ID Card after