Upcoming Events in Malta

Malta offers 12 months of exciting events (2023) Table of contents January until February 2023 11.01. – 23.01.2023 – Valletta Baroque Festival Since 2013, the

Health system and hospital

Health care system Malta – Impressively cheap and still leading the world? The Maltese health system or national insurance interlocks few institutions and players. They

Hiking in Gozo through scrub

Hiking in Gozo and Comino

Hiking on Gozo and Comino on the picturesque coasts of Malta For many decades, Guide John has offered about a dozen walking tours on the

Malta – The Secret SUP Paradise?

Malta – the secret Stand-Up Paddle paradise? [2022] Malta has breathtaking coastlines. Between February and December, Malta’s Mediterranean climate allows stand-up paddling or stand-up paddling.

Korb mit Lebensmitteln

Food Prices – Cost of Living

Inhaltsverzeichnis World of Malta Insidertipp: Rechnungen immer prüfen Das Warenwirtschaftssystem ist speziell bei Angeboten nicht immer mit dem Kassensystem abgestimmt. Geschätzt bei jeden vierten bis

International Beer Day

International Beer Day 2023

It is International Beer Day. However, what does International Beer Day have to do with Malta? Depending on how someone looks at it.

Malta Carnival 2023

Also in Malta, the Carnival ta’ Malta has been celebrated in February for centuries. First records of the carnival…