View from Spinola Bay to St. Julians

Sightseeing – Cities

These 77 towns, villages and sights in Malta will amaze you The Republic of Malta with its six islands has as many inhabitants as Nuremberg

Digital Nomad

Digital nomads and workation – Malta with blockchain technology and gigabit internet is Europe’s perfect hotspot Whether you combine your work with your vacation, i.e.

digital nomad working

Nomad Residence Permit

Nomad Residence Permit – Working Tax-Free in Malta for Non-EU nationals [2022] Malta, the hotspot for digital nomads in Europe and the European Union, introduced

Korb mit Lebensmitteln

Food Prices – Cost of Living

Food: Malta’s prices for basic foodstuffs are as cheap as European Mainland A statistical basket of goods with weighting and average consumer habits is of

Sign on the Identity Malta building

ID Card Application

A Maltese ID card application is important and opens many doors for you After moving to Malta, you will need a Maltese ID Card after

International Beer Day

International Beer Day 2021

It is International Beer Day. However, what does International Beer Day have to do with Malta? Depending on how someone looks at it.